Written By Horatius Bonar

Done is the work that saves,
Once and for ever done;
Finished the righteousness
That clothes the unrighteous one.
The love that blesses us below
Is flowing freely to us now.

The sacrifice is o’er,
The veil is rent in twain,
The mercy-seat is red
With blood of Victim slain.
Why stand we then without, in fear?
The blood of Christ invites us near.

The gate is open wide;
The new and living way
Is clear, and free, and bright,
With love, and peace, and day.
Into the holiest now we come,
Our present and our endless home.

Enthroned in majesty
The High Priest sits within;
His precious blood, once shed,
Has made and keeps us clean;
With boldness let us now draw near;
That blood has banished every fear.

Then to the Lamb once slain,
Be glory, praise, and power,
Who died, and lives again,
Who liveth evermore;
Who loved us, cleansed us by His blood,
And made us kings and priests to God!


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