Coronavirus: ‘Get Back in the Word, Read Your Bibles’, My Pillow CEO Urges Americans

My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell with President Trump
My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell with President Trump

Speaking in the White House Rose Garden, the CEO of My Pillow urged a national television audience on Monday to use the time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic to grow closer to God and family.

Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow, was one of five CEOs to speak during the Coronavirus Task Force’s Monday press conference about how their companies are fighting the pandemic.

My Pillow is a Minnesota-based pillow manufacturing company.

“We’ve dedicated 75 percent of [our] manufacturing to produce cotton facemasks,” Lindell said of masks that will go to doctors and nurses. “In three days, I was up to 10,000 a day. By Friday, I want to be up to 50,000 a day. I’m proud to manufacture our products in the United States, and I’m even more proud to be able to serve our nation in this great time of need.”

Lindell, a Christian, then pivoted to issues of faith and culture.

“God gave us grace on Nov. 8, 2016, to change the course we were on,” Lindell said, referencing the date of President Trump’s election. “God had been taken out of our schools and lives. A nation had turned its back on God.

“… I encourage you: Use this time at home to … get back in the Word, read our Bibles, and spend time with our families,” he said. “With our great president, vice president, and this administration and all the great people in this country praying daily, we will get through this and get back to a place that’s stronger and safer than ever.”

Lindell’s speech sparked a debate on social media between those who thought he had crossed a line and those who applauded him for volunteering to help.

“The churches are closed, but we can listen to a sermon on FOX News from … a pillow salesman who thinks Donald Trump is the messiah,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Others, though, applauded Lindell.

“Thank you for using your business to help Americans through this. Thank you even more for calling our nation back to the LORD,” another wrote.

Still, another wrote, “For those of you too lazy to understand @realMikeLindell just decided to help battle a global pandemic by basically switching out his entire pillow company to provide 50K face masks per day. What have you done?”

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