Come, ye little children, come, oh, come today,
Come and learn of Jesus, and the Bible way;
He will lead us upward to the land of light,
Where there is no darkness, for the day is bright.

Come, oh, come, ye little children,
Jesus bids the children come, come, oh, come today.

Jesus loves the children, loves them every one,
And He will embrace them in His loving arms,
Keep them from all evil, if they will obey,
And will surely bless them all along the way.

‘Tis so sweet to know that Jesus is so kind,
And that He is seeking here and there to find
Precious little children, who will love the Lord,
And obey the biddings written in His word.

He gave us the Bible so that we may know
How to love and serve Him in this world below;
Precious Book from heaven, words of life and truth,
Light to shine forever on the path of youth.

Come, the Lord will lead us in the path of peace,
By the flowing waters that shall never cease,
And His word will guide us, showing us the way
To a home in heaven and eternal day.


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