Come Bodly

Come Bodly

Title : Come Boldly
Bible Reading :
Heb 4:9-16
Memory Verse : 
Heb 4:16

When was the last time you approached the throne of God’s Grace, and how did you do that?
Many believe that God is too holy to have us come to Him boldly. They believe therefore that you should always approach Him with the consciousness of your sins, hoping that He will forgive you, hence, you can make your request and hope that your sins which you probably did not remember to confess will not stop Him from answering your prayer.
No my dear, God has asked us to COME BOLDLY before Him, not because of what we did right or did not do right, but because of what Christ has accomplished for us.
To come boldly is to come with the consciousness of your Righteousness and identity in Christ Jesus, your High Priest.
So, today, come boldly before your Father God because of your High Priest.
Remember, you are not to come once in a while, but everyday and every time. Your High Priest has taken care of every barrier and He did it once and for all so you could come, not once, but always.
Be mindful, you are not coming unto the throne of power or judgement, but of Grace (undeserved favour). So ask for all that you know you do not even deserve, and He shall grant them because of Christ.
Prayer: Lord help me to come boldly before You, today and always with the consciousness of what Christ has accomplish for me, in Jesus name, Amen.
Action Point: Do you have needs, do you need help in life, then come boldly today and always before God’s throne of Grace for the sake of Christ. Boldness Guarantees Result.

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