Pastor Max Lucado said there are several people in his church who are now afraid because Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States.

He said this during a recent interview with Premier Radio’s Loretta Andrews.

The evangelical pastor had opposed Trump’s candidacy throughout the presidential election cycle—his words even became political weapons used late in the campaign to dissuade other evangelicals from voting for the businessman. Despite that, he said, God remains in control, and he’s urged his congregation to pray for the president-elect.

Lucado‘s prayer for President-elect Trump involves three facets:

  • That he would have a heart for people like King David
  • A vision for the U.S. and for the world like Daniel had
  • The leadership and administrative skills of Joseph

“I’ve had several members of our church come and express feelings of fear and anxiety, and I just tried to remind them that what we do now is we pray,” Lucado said. “There are some things he said during his election that caused many of us concern. For all of us now, all we can do is pray for him, wish him the very, very best, and assume that he’s going to oversee the affairs of the country in a healthy and vibrant way.

“He’s got some wonderful, godly men and women—it seems—serving on his team, and so I’m very encouraged about that. I believe that God is still on His throne. He will oversee and direct the affairs of our nation as well as your nation.”

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