Church of the Living God,
The pillar of the truth,
Thou dost enclose within thy walls
The aged and the youth;
Here in thy light of love,
The saints with gladness meet;
Here every tribe and kindred come
In fellowship so sweet.

Church of the Living God,
Thou light of this dark vale,
Against thy onward march divine
All hell cannot prevail;
For thee a price was paid,
The blessed Savior’s blood;
By His own hand He’ll hold thee up,
And bring thee home to God.

Church of the Living God,
We wait no future time,
But now on earth with joy we dwell
Within thy courts sublime;
Oh, thou dost triumph now,
And shalt at any cost;
And if thy glory be unseen,
‘Tis hid but to the lost.

Church of the Living God,
So peaceful is thy rest,
For God has placed thy members all
As pleaseth Him the best;
No envy breaks thy peace;
The Father gave His Son
To cleanse thee from each vain desire,
And mold thee all in one.

Church of the Living God,
Thou lovely one so pure,
No strangers come within thy gates,
For Jesus is the door;
By Him if any come,
They must from sin be free;
He guardeth well the only door,
And holds the only key.

Church of the Living God,
Thy sons are born of love;
In Heaven’s golden book of life
Their names are kept above;
And God shall guard His saints,
Preserve them by His grace,
And naught but sin against the Lord
Shall e’er their names erase.


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