The protesters came about a hundred strong, standing in the hot, sunny weather to demand for justice for Christians killed by militants in Nigeria. The protesters gathered at the Plateau State capital city of Jos and were made up mostly of Christian groups and the leaders of ethnic groups across the state. Men and women held placards carried with different inscriptions such as “Stop Christian Persecution,” “End the Killings,” and “We want Justice.”

An ICC staffer was at the scene of the protest, on April, and saw how the protestors were expressing their frustration at the failure of the federal and state governments to stop incessant attacks and killings in the state by Fulani militants.

The convener of the protest, Ezekiel Bini, leader of the Irigwe adult group, told ICC that “since 2016 to date over 600 Christians were killed and 24,000 people were displaced without any assistance from the government.” He added, “no Fulani terrorist was arrested and no relief aid was given to persecuted Christians.”

The Secretary to Plateau State Government, Prof. Danladi Atu, promised the protestors that the Plateau State government would ensure justice for everyone. He said the protest was peaceful and that he would inform the governor, who was then out of the state. “The Police are still investigating the situation to ensure the arrest of criminals,” said Plateau State Police Public Relations Officer Gabriel Ubah.

Bini said, “33 people were killed this year, 200 houses were burnt and razed down by the militants and over 4,000 hectares of farm crops destroyed worth five hundred million Naira.” He said fifteen people were killed during a ritual festival in Chando Zerrci in Plateau State on April , with mostly children killed.
A survivor during the attack, Zongo Roy, 19, told ICC that the attackers were all Fulani militants dressed in Nigeria Army uniform. He said the attackers came when the soldiers left around 11:00 pm local time. “The attackers beat me but killed my friend Joe,” Roy said. Thirteen children were buried the following day and three adults buried. “There were over fifty Fulani militants with guns,” Roy said.

The Irigwe Womens leader, Tina Daniel, said, “Fulani killed ten of my family members this year, burnt down my house, and destroyed my food supplies.”, She said, “There are over one thousand widows and two thousand orphans and nobody to help them.” She told ICC that the orphans can’t afford to pay their school fees.

Samson Rivi, a community resident from Miango county in Plateau State where fifteen people were killed, said, “The Nigeria army has failed countless times with inability to protect lives and properties within its jurisdiction as communities not farther than 1 km away from the 3rd Armor Division which has two or more brigades and various specialized battalions and has 7,000 to 22,000 troops. We are continuously ravaged by Fulani militia on a daily basis without any arrest of these evildoers.”

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