Christian Doctor Sacked For Refusing To Call Transgender Woman “Madam”


A Christian doctor has been “sacked” as a medical assessor for a government department after refusing to renounce his Christian belief that gender is determined at birth.

Dr. David was Sacked for refusing to refer a “6-feet-tall bearded man” as “madam.”

Dr. David Mackereth, who served as a disability benefits assessor in Birmingham, England, lost his job with the British government after refusing, hypothetically, to refer to “a six-foot-tall bearded man” as “madam.”

In a similar case as the Christian Soccer Player who Withdrew From the U.S. National Team for Refusing To Wear Gay Pride Jersey, after working 26 years as an emergency doctor for the National Health Service, David was removed from his job with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) in late June 2018 after being “interrogated” by his boss, James Owen, about his personal religious convictions. The Telegraph reports.

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The 56-year-old physician said Owen asked him, “If you have a man six-foot-tall with a beard who says he wants to be addressed as ‘she’ and ‘Mrs.,’ would you do that?”

“I was engaged in working on my second real case when Mr Owen called me out of my work,” Mackereth said. “The purpose was to interrogate me about my beliefs in relation to the use of pronouns. To the best of my recollection, in fact there was no mention of the word transgender during our meeting. We talked about the DWP’s more general policy of using whatever pronoun the client wants.”

Of course, as a Christian, Mackereth politely refused to do so, professing that his faith requires the belief that we are created in the womb as either male or female and cannot change what God has ordained. However, this didn’t go over well.

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“That discussion culminated in Mr. Owen asking me the following question – ‘Let’s just summarise this. If you have a man six feet tall with a beard, who says he wants to be addressed as ‘she’ and ‘Mrs’ – would you do that?’ I am quite sure this is exactly what he said to me, in substance if not verbatim,” Mackereth said. “I told him that, as a Christian, I would not be able to accede to such a request in good conscience.”

The father-of-four said he would not use transgender pronouns and was ultimately fired “not because of any realistic concerns over the rights and sensitivities of transgender individuals, but because of his refusal to make an abstract ideological pledge to call any six-feet tall bearded man ‘madam’ on his whim.”

Determining the use of transgender pronouns would violate his conscience, Mackereth was forced out. He received an email from Owen informing him the NHS “will respect your decision and your right to leave your contract.”

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“I am a Christian,” Mackereth wrote back, “and in good conscience cannot do what the DWP is requiring of me.”

He insists he did not resign his position and is the victim of direct discrimination and harassment.

Dr Mackereth, an evangelist who now works as an emergency doctor in Shropshire, has since decided to take the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) before an employment tribunal, suing them for religious discrimination. The doctor alleges that he was suspended solely because he confessed that it would be irresponsible to address individuals based on certain pronouns just because they prefer them. Instead, they attempted to force him to violate his identity as both a Christian and a doctor, as religion and science arrive at the same conclusion.

“The very fact a doctor can be pulled off the shop floor for an urgent interrogation about his beliefs on gender fluidity is both absurd and very sinister, even more so if it results in a dismissal,” Mackereth said during the court hearing.

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He continued, “If something like that happened in a church setting — people being pulled out of a pew, questioned, and then excommunicated — that would be seen as an outrageous example of religious intolerance and bigotry.”

Mackereth even humbly acknowledged during the tribunal that, because of today’s climate regarding sexual ethics, he “appreciates” the fact some people might find his convictions “offensive,” but pointed out that offense “is not a good enough reason to censor my beliefs and coerce me to act contrary to my conscience.”

The concept of transgenderism, he explained, is a “rebellion against God, which is both pointless and sinful.”

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Mackereth is a veteran in the medical industry, having worked in the NHS for 26 years before his dismissal. He had also accrued valuable experience as an emergency department doctor, a career that now lies in ruins.

The Christian doctor will likely have trouble finding employment, despite his vast medical knowledge and experience. Instead, we are trading the best in their fields for those who will simply appease everyone’s feelings.

Pray for Dr. David Mackereth that he would find comfort and justice in this trying time of his faith.

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