China Shuts Down Christian Academy, Claims It ‘Brainwashes’ Children


Such prohibitions on teaching religion to children are common in China

Officials in China’s central Henan province closed down a Christian-run institution dedicated to bringing children up with good morals, saying its religious component “brainwashed” its students, ChinaAid learned recently.

Ms. Zhu, a Christian woman, told a ChinaAid reporter on Sept. 14 that national security officers arrived at her house in July and confiscated books they’d used for an academy that ran theology classes for children in their home after receiving a tip that that the students were being “brainwashed” with religion. Additionally, they removed other items belonging to the church, including the computer, and banned and closed the academy.

Since the ban, the officials have not harassed the church again.

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Chinese Communist Party Accuses Christian Camp Leaders Of Brainwashing Children

Such prohibitions on teaching religion to children are common in China, despite the Chinese Constitution’s guarantee that all citizens enjoy freedom of belief. Despite threats from the government, many Chinese adults insist on taking their children to church and other Christian-related activities. In response, the government strengthened its prohibition on children attending religious events in the revised edition of its Regulations on Religious Affairs, scheduled to take effect in February.

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