California Beach Revival Brings Many Souls To Jesus Christ

California Beach Revival

A revival is taking place on the sandy shores of Huntington Beach, California where hundreds of people are gathering to worship, pray, and receive salvation.

An ongoing movement known as Saturate OC, led by Parker and Jessi Green, is bringing about a spiritual revival at Huntington Beach in Orange County, California.

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The movement began on Friday, July 3rd, in an effort to share the gospel and spread the good news about the Kingdom of God, and has recently extended its weekly services to August 7th.

The idea for the seaside evangelical movement started in 2016 when it’s organizers, Parker and Jessi Green had a vision of thousands of people being baptized along the Huntington Beach Pier, according to CBN News.

Jessi told The Christian Post that God spoke to her in January about a massive movement to take place this year.

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“It would be like a threshing floor movement where God was going to start to separate the wheat from the tares,” she said.

Green and her husband moved to Orange County from New York after she had a vision of mass baptisms at the Huntington Beach Pier while on vacation. Holding the outreach each Friday, she hopes to reach 2,000 people who can then reach 50,000 others.

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“We came to California on a vacation and as we prayed, we saw a picture of thousands of people being baptized along Huntington Beach Pier; the harvest was so massive, people were quickly turning around to baptize the person behind them,” Jessi explained on the Saturate OC website.

“There was a ripple effect to this move of God. I believe that there is a massive harvest for THE CHURCH in Orange County to participate in and we need to prepare the nets of discipleship,” she added.

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Jessi noted that God was preparing them for a tremendous harvest of souls in the summer of 2020.

“‘There’s a 50,000-person Harvest in Huntington Beach during Summer 2020. Pray for workers.’ This is the word God has been speaking to me,” she wrote.

As the movement continues to grow, multiple churches have joined Saturate OC over the past few weeks.

“People were coming to the front repenting of sexual sin, and falling to the ground and not knowing why they are falling to the ground, and then feeling the presence of God in a way they’ve never experienced,” she said.

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“The church,” she said in a microphone to cheers, “has left the building! You cant stop the Kingdom of God.”

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