Down into the flowing river,
Lo, the Lamb of God we see;
There He speaks in clear example:
‘Take the cross and follow Me.’

Gently buried with my Savior,
Let me sink beneath the wave;
Crucified to earth forever,
Hence alone to God I live.

Now the sacred waters cover
O’er the holy Son of God;
Thus He washed me in that fountain
Of His sin-atoning blood.

Crucified with my Redeemer,
Now I sink into the grave;
I am dead to sin forever,
By the life of God I live.

Here I witness a confession,
As I merge from human sight
In the tomb of yielding water,
That the blood has made me white.

Oh, how sweet to follow Jesus
In this ordinance, to show
That we’re cleansed in life’s pure river,
Even whiter than the snow.


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