Biography Of Pastor Joseph Prince


Pastor Joseph Prince is today a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of grace around the world through his teaching resources and television ministry.

Pastor Joseph Prince
Pastor Joseph Prince

What is Pastor Joseph Prince’s Original Name?

The original name of Pastor Joseph Prince is Joseph Xenonamandar Jegahusiee Singh Prince.

Pastor Joseph Prince is the Senior Pastor of New Creation Church (NCC) based in Singapore. An author, renowned teacher of the bible, televangelist and a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of grace around the world.

Born (Joseph Xenonamandar Jegahusiee Singh Prince), on 15 May 1963 to the family of a Sikh priest of Indian origin and a Chinese mother, he spent his primary school years in Perak, Malaysia.

A founding member of New Creation Church, Joseph initially served as an elder and associate pastor. However, his unanimous appointment as senior pastor in 1990 marked a turning point in the history of the church, which started experiencing phenomenal growth. Under Joseph’s leadership, the church congregation has grown by more than a hundredfold—from about 150 to more than 30,000.

Having built and established the leadership and congregation of New Creation Church on the sure foundation of Jesus Christ, Joseph is now actively fulfilling around the world, the mandate that God has given him to preach God’s unmerited favor without compromise. He heads Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc, an international, non-profit organization that seeks to build, encourage and inspire people with the gospel of Jesus Christ through television broadcasting as well as new media technology.

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His involvement in both New Creation Church and Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc is on a voluntary basis. Joseph’s ministry as pastor, teacher, conference speaker and author continues to transform many lives, setting people free from the heavy yoke of the law, guilt and condemnation by pointing them to Jesus and His finished work at Calvary.

With more than two decades of full-time ministry behind him, Pastor Joseph Prince is today a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of grace around the world through his teaching resources and television ministry. A highly sought-after conference speaker, Joseph has impacted church leaders internationally by preaching the unadulterated gospel of Jesus with boldness. He is known for teaching God’s Word in a fresh, practical and revelatory way that always unveils Jesus.

His humorous, dynamic and engaging style of preaching has also endeared him to a wide spectrum of viewers who tune in to his daily television program, Destined To Reign. This broadcast currently reaches millions of homes in more than 150 countries. His broadcast program is also streamed online through Internet and podcasts.

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Pastor Joseph believes the best in people and is committed to helping them discover how they can reign in life through the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. His desire is to help believers understand the new covenant of grace and realize how greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved they are by their heavenly Father.

Pastor Joseph Prince with his wife Wendy Prince, and two children Jessica Shayna Prince and Justin David Prince.
Pastor Joseph Prince with his wife Wendy Prince, and two children Jessica Shayna Prince and Justin David Prince.

Joseph Prince got married to Wendy Prince in 1994. They have a daughter, Jessica Shayna Prince, and a son, Justin David Prince. Wendy is a devoted wife to Joseph and a loving mother to Jessica Shayna and Justin David; she epitomizes the virtuous woman mentioned in Proverbs 31. She is a constant source of love and support to Joseph, and has committed herself to bringing Jessica and Justin up in the ways of the Lord. Her humility, warmth and genuine love for God and people have led to her counselling and touching many lives.


  1. Pastor Prince, you lead my morning devotion every Monday through Friday at 7:30 AM in Indianapolis (Beech Grove), Indiana. You words of healing sickness and your books give me strength everyday. We are so blessed to have a loving and forgiving Jesus and I am thankful that you bring the Powerful Inspirations of Jesus to the United States.

    Thank you in advance for your much appreciated assistance with my day,
    Kimberly Stewart

    • I just recently started watching Past Prince’s telecast. I love his knowledge of the Word and how he makes it easier to understand for those watching and listening. He has a sweet Spirit about him.

  2. Your true interpretation of the bible changed my belief perspective. The bible is no longer self- contradictory and I now see myself as child of God in the true sense, eternally forgiven and walking in ALL of God’s promises even those in the Old Covenant. Sabelo, South Africa

  3. Hi Pastor Joseph Prince . A transformed life, is what I can say has occurred in my life. Not only through the message of grace, but also with the break down of scripture. I understand so much of the word of God now , it has helped me and my family, live a stress free life.
    We apply these teachings in our lives daily.
    To God be all the glory.
    Thank to you Pastor Joseph Prince, keep doing what you were called to do, we are blessed in our of the world in South Africa, and I know nations are being transformed by you and your team.
    May the Lord Jesus continue to pour out His wisdom and revelation in your life.
    God blessings and favor always
    Shawn Matthew Pillay

  4. I thank God everyday for His Blessings upon the ministry around the world. In the last couple of months I have been watching and listening to your ministry on TBN. Because of your God given talent through His Blessings in you. You have opened my ears and my eyes and my heart to the word of God. I have been reading the Bible NIV Catholic edition for 29yrs now,although I am not of the Catholic faith. I was raised up in a church,bible study,choir and so on.
    You have awakened me to scripture that I could not comprehend. Thank You for your service to God and Savior.

  5. Hi Pastor you are indeed God sent.
    I sincerely pray for you that God will help you always.
    I am also 14 may born. u and your family

  6. Ogula Johnson; Uganda. I thank God for using you to transform many from bondage, curses and humanistic preaching including me. when i started hearing your preaching from our FM radio lira, Uganda, couldn’t understand; your preaching; but only kept motivated to keep listening; with strong expectation of God’s glory every morning before going to work until one day in your preaching “first transformation even before any blessing experience; you will feel peace in your heart by grace” and that became the truth in me,this days i feel peace in my heart even if i have a lot in my mind and unaccomplished work including rent to land lord and this days i flow in God’s guidance, free from condemnation, worry and every thing coming for me God informs
    thanks JP; for God using you and being obedient servant


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