Biography Of Rev. Ntia I. Ntia


Rev. Ntia I. Ntia is the senior Pastor of Full Life Christian Centre, with headquarters in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria; a multi-racial, multifaceted church committed to stirring men into the fullness of God. From the founding of Full Life Christian Centre, the church has experienced a unique and tremendous growth to the glory of God.

Rev Ntia i Ntia

About Full Life Christian Centre, Nigeria.

Born March 21, Rev. Ntia is also the President of Full Life Foundation. He is an accountant by training and has been called by God into the ministry for the revival and restoration of the total man.

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He is the Host of Fresh Outpouring T.V. broadcast and the author of the Freshword Devotional and several books such as Thomas Was Not There, Take Back Your Throne, I Am Unstoppable, I Choose to Survive, From Scarcity to Surplus and Reality of the Holy Spirit.

Through his practical message of Love, Hope, and Faith, lives are being daily stirred, revived, delivered and transformed by the preaching of the word and demonstration of the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit. He is married to Pastor Mrs. Ukamaka Ntia and they have three children; Favour, Dunamis and Dominion.


  1. My Spirit moves towards you daddy! I really want to have an encounter with you, I wish to know more about the Bible school, how it runs and the duration So by next year I come in around October. I really need reply daddy or whoever manages this site, thanks I’m Frank Victor Lebari, from Rivers State

  2. This man of God blesses me a lot..I am a staunch follower of his sermons on you tube.
    I’m from Kenya.
    Man of God you are really favoured of God.

  3. am cloud to withness the power of God at work in Akwa Ibom State through His servant Rev. Ntia I. Ntia. the devil is in trouble.

  4. Brother Pastor greetings in Christ, i am really desperate to destroy work of wracked one. please i need your
    to destroy my husband” sexual immorality when i fast normal or even 24 hours he does not care even i am in time of fasting he dont let me he spoil many if i refuse he goes say he going to find woman. and brother i am very tired of all this he does do normal way very bad way that i cry out he does not care my pain he fores when he drink become very wrecked .He goes beach woman and he want to on my mouth until i could vomit feeling it has been to much enough is enough please pray destroy his sexual part
    and he could knows that God fight he is only dust in God eyes.thank you brother for your prayer.west weases

  5. Daddy, am still worshiping in one of your brach, I need flem to stayfast, as I sick for the same annoiting you get.#since I believe God for your same annoiting, YES is possible in Jesus mighty name Amen..

  6. Is Not Givg Gift & Foods That Matters, How About Their Souls? That Is What That Jesus Counts And Is Interested With. Let It Be Ur Ultimate Goal Dear Pst.

  7. Comment:am Michael from oron how can i be come your son in the lord? i really want to be under your mentorship, i love the mantle you carry i want it to drop on

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