Bishop (Dr.) Love Sam-Amaga is the wife of Archbishop Sam Amaga, founder of Salem International Christian Centre (SICC), Abuja, Nigeria.

A woman of many parts, Dr. Love received the mandate from God to liberate and raise the most neglected group of humanity. By this she started children evangelism and established children bible clubs since 1980.Ever since she has raised children evangelists through her seminars for the children’s ministry network.

Dr. Love has created great impact in pioneering the church ministry with her husband Dr. Sam Amaga from the onset of foundation faith church worldwide. She has been involved in various foreign missions and in the planting of churches worldwide.

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She is an author and has co-authored books with her husband. She is the president of International Council of Female Ministers (ICFM), an international ministry to female ministers of the gospel and she is also the president of Salem women intl worldwide.

Dr. Love Sam-Amaga is a teacher of the word by calling. A role model wife, she is a true mirror of love and care. Her anointing and skills in counseling ministry has overwhelmingly impacted the marriage life of many dispensing healing to many broken hearts and restoration to broken hearts and restoration to broken homes.

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