Evangelist Ray Comfort is warning atheists that despite their belief that the Bible is “barbaric,” God is morally perfect and one day they, too, will be standing before Him on Judgment Day.

“Atheists often point to the Bible as being barbaric because Hebrew civil law prescribed the death sentence for a youth who was continually drunk and rebellious,” Comfort wrote in a Facebook message on Thursday, pointing to Proverbs 20:20 which reads: “Whoso curses his father or his mother, his lamp shall be put out in obscure darkness.”

Ray Comfort
Ray Comfort

The evangelist explained that there is no record of such an incident actually happening in the Bible, but insisted that the same “harsh law will judge humanity on Judgment Day.”

“God will judge murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, adulterers and fornicators. But He will also judge hatred, idle words, lust, and those who have cursed their parents,” Comfort wrote.

“We have to face a morally perfect God and a perfect Law that will see that perfect justice is done. Every skeleton in the closet, every hidden motive, every deed done in darkness, will be brought into the light. That’s why we must warn every man that we might present every man (and woman) perfect in Christ Jesus.”

Comfort has focused much of his ministry on reaching out to atheists, and in October released “The Atheist Delusion” movie, in which the street evangelist says he’s able to “destroy atheism with one scientific question.”

Comfort admitted in September that the documentary is not likely to change the minds of “the average prod and closed-minded atheist.”

But countless others, tempted to believe the ridiculous lie of atheism, are open-minded, and will be convinced by seeing the irrefutable proof for the existence of God,” he said.

After “The Atheist Delusion” received a low score on film-ratings website IMDB, however, Comfort accused atheist users of purposefully down-voting his film.

“They have done this with most of our productions, but this one is going to be a real target because it disproves atheism with one scientific question,” Comfort wrote.

“They are worried that people will watch it and realize the insane nature of atheism,” he added. “Watch the atheists swarm in like a bunch of nasty bees, to try and pull it down.”


  1. Roy, there’s no “comfort” in your words – at least for agnositcs – atheists and heathen. You say it right. It’s 2020 and the LORD’s return is very close. I was thinking of Peter’s warning words about – If you know one thing, a thousand years is a day to the LORD. That’s a warning about our time considering if the LORD was physically born on 3 BC and we calculate 2000 years and if HIS ministry started at appx. age 30, we’re just about there. Also, HE promised us the book of truth would be open so all the people mentioned above could read verse by verse confirmation that we are headed to the abomination of desolation of which we are told to watch for many times, mostly in daniel11truth. This is very merciful to all earth’s inhabitants… Why? So HIS house will be full. May HE bless you for this blog and allowing my post. I hope some will repent and be saved in these last days.

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