An atheist group is demanding that a chapel located on a university campus in a rural central Oklahoma town must remove the cross from its steeple.

East Central University, a public university with 4,000 students complied with initial requests to remove Bibles and overtly Christian materials from the sanctuary. But they are now calling for the removal of the steeple. Is that too far?

“The display of a Latin cross on government property violates basic Establishment Clause rules,” the letter from Americans United states, referring to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits governmental entities from endorsing a religion. “Please remove or cover the religious displays and items.”

But many students want the chapel to remain as it is. “We’re in the Bible Belt of America, and this is a Christian-background community,” said 20-year-old Caleb Watson, according to Fox News. “You can go to another country and they’re going to express their religious values and expect you to assimilate.”

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