According to The Print, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politicians in India’s Karnataka state are preparing to propose the enactment of an anti-conversion law. For months, these BJP leaders have called for the enactment of an anti-conversion law, citing false anti-Christian narratives that were refuted by local government officials in early-December.

On December 1, Hosaduga Tehsildar Y. Thippeswamy filed a report saying there were no instances of forced conversions in the town located in Chitradurga district. This report contradicted several BJP leaders championing the enactment of an anti-conversion.

Within days of filing the report, Thippeswamy was transferred from his government position.

Due process has been followed,” Kavitha S. Mannikeri, Deputy Commissioner of Chitradurga, told The Print. “He has been in office for two years now. There is no connection between the transfer and his report on religious conversions.

While the local administration has stood by Thippeswamy’s findings, BJP leaders have called the report “all lies”.

Since September, BJP leaders in Karnataka have been calling for the enactment of an anti-conversion law. These BJP leaders claim Christians in Karnataka are forcefully converting low caste Hindus to Christianity and this can only be stopped by the enactment of an anti-conversion law.

In a recent interview with the Hindustan Times, Karnataka Minister for Home Affairs, Araga Jnanendra, said that “India culture would not survive” if religious conversions are not stopped.

Unfortunately, the BJP’s championing of the proposed anti-conversion law, and their vilification of Christians, has led to increased attacks on Christians and their places of worship in Karnataka. Radical Hindu nationalists, incited by the anti-Christian rhetoric, have also enjoyed near complete impunity in their harassment of Christians in recent months.

In some areas of Karnataka, police have told Christians to cancel their Christmas programs because they cannot protect them from the radicals

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