Actor Rob Schneider Says No Hope In Atheism, Only In God

Actor Rob Schneider
Actor Rob Schneider

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider believes that greater happiness and fulfillment can only be found in God — and studies consistently back this assertion.

Schneider who also revealed “hope and strength” is found in the Christian faith, recently told CBN News he finds the atheistic worldview to be so often devoid of hope, according to Faithwire.

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“This idea that things just blew up and … the universe is things bumping into things, and expanding, and that we, as human beings, are just this freak … accident that happened,” he said. “[This idea] that this empathy, and compassion, and love that we feel is just this accident that happened, and there’s no reason for it, and nothing will come of it, and eventually the universe will just be a series of black holes.”

Schneider said he finds such arguments uncompelling and uncorroborated.

“I would just go, ‘Well, wait a minute. There’s no science behind that,’” he said. “And that is a bleak, horrible way to go through life.”

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Watch Schneider explain:

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