Surgical abortion clinics decreased in number by 26% since 2009

According to an announcement on Tuesday by the pro-life activist group Operation Rescue, 49 abortion clinics in the U.S. have closed in 2017. The 35 surgical abortion clinics and 14 medication-only clinics that closed outweigh the 19 new surgical and medication clinics that opened this year. Ultimately, this leaves 704 abortion-providing facilities nationwide. This recession in the abortion industry, Operation Rescue explains, is due largely in part to the decreased demand for abortion services in America.

“Surgical abortion clinics decreased in number by 26% since 2009, the first year Operation Rescue began keeping records. Overall, there has been a 17% decrease in the total number of abortion facilities in America since 2009,” Operation Rescue said in its report.

According to the report, only 23% of the 2,176 active surgical abortion facilities that existed in 1991 (when the organization began keeping records) are still around today.

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