A 22-year-old North Texas woman ran into a burning house to save a 7-year-old boy she didn’t even know.

NBC news station 5 reported that the woman, Mariella Medina, saw flames coming from her neighbor’s house a few houses down.

Medina did not even know the family, but she rushed over to help. When she spoke to the mother who had two babies with her and realized that another child was still trapped in the burning house, Medina said she didn’t even stop to think before running into the burning building.

“There’s a kid inside. That’s honestly the only thing that goes through your head,” she said.

Medina had called 911 and while professional help was on the way, the dispatcher told her not to go into the house.

Medina later said she felt bad for disobeying the dispatcher’s instructions, but all she was thinking about was rescuing the boy.

“C’mon, mijo, there’s a fire! I need you to hurry, baby. C’mon, baby. Hurry. C’mon. Hurry. Hurry. Anybody else? Anybody else?” Medina can be heard saying on the 911 recording as she spoke to the boy.

“The main priority is getting someone out. You don’t have to know somebody to want to help them,” Medina said after the boy had been rescued.

Firefighters arrived soon after and were able to put the fire out without major damage to the house.

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