In his Prophecy for 2018, the founder and general overseer of Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries, Bishop Okwudili Eze, spoke about President Donald Trump and the United States Of America.

Bishop Eze released 51 prophecies for 2018, and in numbers 16, 17 and 42, he spoke about the United State.

Read the prophecies below:

16. The western media shall try by all means to destroy the government image of President Donald Trump but they will fail woefully. The church should pray for him against assassination or poisoning that cannot be explained. God’s assignment through him will gather more momentum in 2018. He will come in the Spirit of Jehu and Samson. Jawbone is in his hands to crush God’s enemies.

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17. President Donald Trump should be very careful when his avowed enemies suddenly turn and begin to act as if they are his friends. He should be careful of his internal security because the enemy would want to destroy him from within. Great wisdom and discernment is needed on his side.

42. President Donald Trump will come up with sweeping economic reforms that would not look good from the surface look and analysis, but it would later re-position the American economy on the pathway of becoming one of the world’s best. A lot of Americans will fight it through various litigations and evil write up through the media but it shall not prevail.

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