2018 Prophecies By Bishop Okwudili Eze, the founder and general overseer of Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries.

1. For Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries, it shall be a year of ON EAGLES WINGS with precision and accuracy of the Holy spirit direction and oil of speedy achievement on every side. Exodus 19 vs 4.

2. A new season in God’s calendar shall be open for Zion Heritage. It shall be a prophetic season of ‘BUILDING UP, FRESH ANNOUNCEMENT AND GREATER MANIFESTATIONS IN GLORY’’ with signs and wonders following.

3. For the body of Christ, it shall be a year of the Holy spirit with greater manifestations of the gifts and fruits of the spirit amongst believers in such a dimension that the church has never seen.

4. From 2018 till 2025, the church shall enjoy a great harvest of souls to the kingdom, great wealth and prosperity, with inventions and manifestations of the wisdom of God in a greater dimension. The gospel shall penetrate into regions and places where it was once resisted.

5. There shall be some signs of economic recovery in Nigeria not because of the government policies but because of the mercies of God that he wants to pour afresh on the nation because of the elect.

6. A golden era shall open for the super eagles in 2018. If they connect to hardwork and discipline, their glory days are here. There is grace on them for mega global impact.

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7. God shall be relocating ministries and their mandate to new locations for fresh assignment. Many out of fear will refuse to go and that will be their greatest undoing in life and ministry.

8. God is changing the spiritual guards in the ministry spiritual gates of Nigeria and the world at large. Throne room prophets and Apostles are coming on the stage with strange unction and fire to do the will of the father. Fresh Apostolic and prophetic mantles are falling for the thirsty and hungry.

9. A lot of ministers and their ministries shall be cut down at their prime by the axe of the LORD except they repent and refrain from hurting the body of Christ. The axe has been laid at the root of certain ministries and great shall be their fall.

10. For a lot of ministers who have followed God faithfully in the last 15 years, it shall be the dawn of a new era and the release of milk and honey upon their life and ministries.

11. God shall be revisiting ministries to clarify instructions of the mandate released before with fresh directions and demands, fresh grace to deliver the mandate resulting in manifest undeniable proofs.

12. The naira shall gradually begin to recover in value and its worth, will soon be appreciated by the citizens and global market.

13. APC shall experience internal party crises that may split the party into two opposing factions. The common bond that brought them together shall begin to break. I see a great break away. El-rufai camp versus Tinubu camp.

14. Nigerians should pray against the spirit of sudden and pre-mature death amongst her citizens. Destructive rainfall and flood should be prayed against. Increase in organ diseases amongst Nigerians must also be prayed against. (Organ failures).

15. Mysterious assassination and unexplainable road accidents must be prayed against and bound by the blood of Jesus.

16. The western media shall try by all means to destroy the government image of President Donald Trump but they will fail woefully. The church should pray for him against assassination or poisoning that cannot be explained. God’s assignment through him will gather more momentum in 2018. He will come in the Spirit of Jehu and Samson. Jawbone is in his hands to crush God’s enemies.

17. President Donald Trump should be very careful when his avowed enemies suddenly turn and begin to act as if they are his friends. He should be careful of his internal security because the enemy would want to destroy him from within. Great wisdom and discernment is needed on his side.

18. Igbo presidency in 2023 is divine and ordained by God. However, the Northern Oligarchy is having headache concerning the Igbo man that they can entrust with power who will not tamper with the present power structure and be loyal to them. All the Igbo sons who are secretly positioning for the post shall be disappointed for God has prepared a David with a rod of Dominion to rule for him in 2023. If the north tamper with this divine agenda, they can’t contain the restiveness that would shake the land.

19. Let serious prayers be offered for the preservation of the lives of our spiritual fathers for I see sudden demise of one of them.

20. Ministers who merchandize God’s grace for monetary purpose shall come under the divine judgement of God through sudden death, mysterious accident except they repent and go back to their first love.

21. God shall purge his church in 2018. Ministers who defile the altar and lead many into unrighteousness shall be judged by God especially Lesbians, Homosexuals and Gays in the body of Christ.

22. Governor Ikpeazu should pray seriously that the rulership mantle does not depart from him. There is a great conspiracy by power brookers to replace him by all means. Should Abia state be governed by APC?

23. If PDP shall hearken to the call for internal party restructuring and to give the younger generation a chance for rulership, the lost glory of the party shall be restored.

24. President Zuma should pray seriously that he does not end in jail because of alleged corruption and financial scandal that he would find difficult to dispute.

25. A great persecution will occur in some African countries especially Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa against churches with special clamp down and seizure of properties and deportation of immigrant pastors. Obnoxious government laws are coming against their ministries. They should watch and pray.

26. A deadly militia group will emerge in Kenya killing and destroying people’s lives through bombs. Prayers should be offered for Kenya.

27. There is a radical woman with the rod of justice God is preparing for SOUTH AFRICAN presidency very soon. She has the heart of Mandela and the spirit of Margaret Thatcha on political issues.

28. Scandal of corruptions looming on some of President Buhari’s ministers. A strong wind that would open the buttocks of the fowl is coming heavily. I see sudden ministerial shake up mid-year.

29. Media opposition and fierce persecution by the ruling government shall be increased. There is a plan to clamp down on any voice that would not support the re-election of the incumbent president.

30. I see the eyes of Nations turning and focusing on Nigeria. From 2018, God shall begin to reposition Nigeria as a force amongst the committee of Nations. Great people in all areas of Global relevance from Nigeria shall begin to take center stage. Great people commanding attention will have their roots traced to Nigeria. God’s program for Nigeria is about to begin. Many citizens of other Nations would very soon carry Nigerian passport. It shall purely be the hand of God.

31. Angelic activities and intervention and visions of glorified Jesus will be widespread amongst believers who tarry in God’s presence deeply in word and prayer.

32. God will be pouring out the saints anointing heavily upon believers who will carry fire and walk in a greater spiritual authority in signs, wonders and miracles. Ordinary men who doesn’t carry tittle shall do extra-ordinary things for God to the amazement of many.

33. I see flood of rivers in multiple waves coming down from the mountains of the Lord to irrigate the nations with revival fire in great signs, wonders and miracles and massive souls for Christ.

34. It is a year of bumper harvest for Agricultural products and palm oil. Those who are into international exports of native Agricultural produce shall be blessed.

35. There is a plan by the government to overhaul the Nigerian Refineries for efficient processing of petrol resources and distribution in Nigeria. If this effort is not sabotaged by government officials, it shall be a great boast to standard of living.

36. Women should pray seriously for the mysterious out burst of breast, cervical and vaginal cancer across the globe that would cause a stir in the medical world. But there is a cancer pill coming that would destroy cancer cells within 72 hours. The Lord would give boast to this.

37. The error of the gospel of universalism shall be widespread amongst the western preachers heavily. Many who used to preach the truth shall buy into this error and shall be overtaken by it. This is a subtle scheme to take away the person of Jesus Christ as a major factor for the salvation of the souls of men.

38. A lot of ministers voices shall be silenced, they will be preaching but the impact of their voice shall make little or no impact and gradually they shall wither away for they have refused to walk in the pathway of righteousness.

39. The hand of judgement shall come heavily on kidnappers, those selling human parts and pedophiles mightily and their sponsors massively exposed and dealt with.

40. The dividends of jubilee shall begin to manifest on the Igbo nation. A lot of Igbo sons and daughters shall begin to come into unusual prominence and limelight in the committee of nations. And the enemies that have plagued them for years shall be humiliated before them and their strength depart from them forever. The elements and forces of life shall fight those who would gather to resist the visitation of God on the seeds of covenant. Great leaders, discoveries and trans-generational impact shall begin to spring out of the Igbo nation to other nations. It is time for them to look inwardly and take responsibility for their lives, love God and love themselves passionately and then began to rebuild the ruins of the great land intentionally. Grace and glory have been released for this season. Biafra is not a physical dominion but a mental, philosophical, economical and spiritual dominion.

41. The flood of ‘PROFANITY OF CARNALITY’’ will rise against the church more in 2018. It shall come through the leaders defiling the ordinances of God, unholy teachings and practices that goes contrary against the word, But the spirit of God shall raise a standard against it and the perpetrators punished.

42. President Donald Trump will come up with sweeping economic reforms that would not look good from the surface look and analysis, but it would later re-position the American economy on the pathway of becoming one of the world’s best. A lot of Americans will fight it through various litigations and evil write up through the media but it shall not prevail.

43. It is a new season for the country of Zimbabwe because the economy shall bounce back again and various sanctions lifted. I see the new government giving attention to man power development through education, health and capital development across various sectors in the country including the mining of precious stones in global scale. Zimbabweans shall sing a new song again. The health of former president shall fail him greatly, let the nation pray for him to stay around a little while. Part of the goodnews will be the building of low cost buildings for the populace at a reduced cost.

44. Grace to break long standing barrenness and multiple conceptions shall be mighty on God’s people. I see the hand of God healing and changing wombs and empowering them to carry multiple miracle babies from Zion.

45. Believers who put God’s word, soul winning and kingdom first in all they do in 2018 shall experience the harvest of 10 years in one year. Great blessings await them.

46. The greatest need of believers in 2018 shall be the litmus test of clearly hearing of God’s voice and working in his divine plan for them and running with precision in decision making.

47. In 2018, the teaching ministry as part of the five fold ministry shall gain more prominence in the body of Christ with clarity and simplicity in demystifying lots of grey areas in the scriptures. However, most of them who are not called to that office will expose themselves to the spirit of error and thereby deceive the gullible and the undiscerning.

48. I see the producers of Nollywood having extensive meeting on how to reform and set standards in the industry in order to retrace the dwindling glory. However the tragic death amongst them would continue especially those that bowed to the powers of hell for fame and wealth. If they don’t repent, they will be cut off in their prime.

49. A new sound of worship and praise is coming to the earth from the throne of his presence. God shall be pouring out his grace and spirit on worshippers and praisers who are dead to sin and open their ears to hear anointed songs especially in the morning for inward downloading to the church of Christ on the earth.

50. In 2018, God shall be birthing fresh hunger and desire to seek and know the true God, his word and genuine power. The desire shall be intense that there would be a mighty migration from churches where pastors play gimmicks and tell stories to genuine mountains of God where the present truth of God’s word is shared in power with signs and wonders accompanying them. Isaiah 2:1-2, Isaiah 60:1-3.

51. In 2018, there shall be explosion and invasion of present truth revealed to the body of Christ that would re-shape the Apostolic and prophetic paradigms in the church. Intense season of illumination and unveiling of truth is here.


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