The legendary Evangelist Billy Graham turns 98, Monday, Nov. 7, but his son Franklin Graham said the family will not be hosting a big party for him.

The Charlotte Observer reports that, although his mind is still clear, the elder Graham is feeling the strain of his nearly 98 years.

When asked how his father is doing, the younger Graham replied, “Not great. He’s 98.”

“It’s a party every Sunday when I go see him because he’s made it through another week,” the younger Graham added. “At 98, you count the days and weeks. I don’t think we’ll have any more big parties. Those days are over with.”

Although the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina will offer complimentary cake and a birthday banner guests can sign in honor of Graham, the family will not be hosting a large party as they did three years ago for Graham’s 95th birthday.

Three years ago, over 800 people gathered in Asheville to honor Graham. Many prominent Republicans attended the event, including Donald Trump and his wife Melania, Sarah Palin and her husband Todd, and North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory.

Graham will not be posing for any pictures with politicians or celebrities this year.

Although the Grahams have historically supported Republican presidential candidates, this year Franklin Graham distanced himself from the Republican party,  although throughout his Decision America Tour he urged Christians to vote for a candidate who will appoint conservative Supreme Court justices.

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