Woman Brings The Gospel To Prisons, Studies Bible With Her Son’s Murderer


A year after my son died, I met his murderer, and he became a kind of son to me

Can you imagine meeting the person who took the life of your child? Many of us could not even think about facing such a prospect. But one faith-filled mother has launched a ministry to prisons meeting her son’s murderer. She also went one step further by studying the Bible with him!

“A year after my son died, I met his murderer, and he became a kind of son to me,” grieving mother Marcia Santos said. “As I was giving him Bible studies, God gave me a dream where He showed me step by step what to do for local inmates.”

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“I asked God to send me more volunteers with a heart for this ministry,” she said, adding that she now feels every student is like one of her children, reports the Adventist Review.

Inmates in the Itabuna Prison in Brazil can now apply for a sentence reduction after completing a Bible course offered by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the area, of which the Santos is a member. The Adventist-born “Jesus at Prison School” Project is now running, with twelve students getting their certificates of completion already.

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An inmate called Vandilson, who has spent 23 years in prison, said that the Bible course changed him for good. “I met God at a time when my life was a pity, a shame,” he said. “But through His Word, God was revealed to me, and I was able to find out what He wants for my life.”

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