We all get second chances at some point.

Perhaps you have messed up and hurt someone you love, and yet they take you back. It is a wonderful thing, when someone accepts and loves you unconditionally. The same is true for the Lord. He will always take us back if we repent of our sin and turn to Him in faith. That being said, occasionally need a wake-up call to change our lives and commit ourselves to the work of Jesus Christ.

Billy Graham recently received a letter from someone saying that they had been in a car accident and only just survived. He asked if the Lord was trying to tell him something. “Yes, God certainly is trying to tell you something – and my prayer is that you won’t ignore it!” Graham responded at Bowling Green Daily News. “What is God saying to you through this experience? First, He is reminding you of the brevity of life. Yes, your life was spared, and forthat I am very thankful. But what if it had not been spared?”

The famed evangelist continues “And in any case, some day you will die and enter God’s presence, even if it’s many years from now. Life is short, and the time to prepare for eternity is now.”

“But I believe God is also trying to tell you of His love for you. So far in life you have ignored Him – but He has not ignored you! He loves you – and the proof isn’t only that He spared your life on this occasion, but that His Son, Jesus Christ, gave His life for you.”

“He did this so you could be forgiven of your sins and go to be with Him in Heaven forever.”

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