“I want people to come to this event so I can help them return home awakened, empowered, and engaged to make a difference in the real world.” –Kirk Cameron

Actor Kirk Cameron is calling families across America to join in a live theater experience called ‘Revive Us’ on Tuesday, Oct.18.

“Moms are concerned about the future for their children. Dads know that there is something broken in our country and they want to fix it.  People wonder if we are truly in the last days of our great nation,” Cameron explained. “I want to say to them that I believe there has never been a more exciting time in America to be a Christian.

This prayer and worship interactive experience will bring people of faith to 700 movie theaters nationwide on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST.

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“Revive Us” will feature Dr. Ben Carson, pastors Francis Chan and Dr. James MacDonald, best-selling authors Eric Metaxas and Jennifer Rothschild, along with musical performances by Vertical Church Band.

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“Together we are going to talk about how to revive our hearts, how to revive our homes, our churches, and the nation,” Cameron told Fox news. “So if we have political concerns, if we have family concerns, if we have national concerns, the best place to talk about them is in the family. When the family gets together and the Spirit of God is moving, we are unstoppable as a force of good.

The evening’s event will conclude with a question-and-answer session created from audience-submitted questions. That will be followed by intercession, where audience members can gather in their respective theaters for prayer.

“It’s a time for the Church to gather as a family in a thousand movie theaters across the nation.  We will worship together, pray together, and learn how to revive our nation from the inside out and from the bottom all the way up to the top,” Cameron told CBN News.

He also told CBN News he wants to one-night event to have a lasting impact on the Church.

“I want people to come to this event so I can help them return home awakened, empowered, and engaged to make a difference in the real world,” he said. “Together, we’ll discover the one and only strategy that has succeeded in every generation, on every continent, and never failed to restore a nation, morally, spiritually and economically.”

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The “Revive Us” event will be presented by Fathom Events in partnership with My Faith Votes. It will be produced by Red Seat Ventures, LLC , CamFam Studios, and John Sanders

Theaters will host an encore showing on Monday, Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. local time.

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