Trump Caught On Cameras Praying With Others At WHite House


Shared on Trump’s presidential Twitter feed, The photo shows Trump, his two eldest sons, Vice President Pence and wife Karen, Reince Priebus, and Justice Scalia’s widow Maureen and son Fr. Paul Scalia, among others, praying in the White House.

The photo was taken shortly after Trump announced Gorsuch as his pick to fill the late Antonin Scalia’s seat.

Kim Clement’s 2007 Prophecy Of Trump’s Presidency Included 2 Terms And Building Of Walls

The time taken to publicly pray for the Senate confirmation and future career of man who may become one of America’s top decision-makers for decades to come is a momentous occasion for Christians who considered Trump’s Supreme Court pick to be a primary reason for voting for him.

‘In America We Don’t Worship Government; We Worship God’ – President Trump

As the Supreme Court, as well as lower circuit courts, have increasingly pulled America away from biblical principles, it is refreshing to see a presidential administration’s focus turned back toward God in helping lead our country.

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  1. where is the world going terrorist is going almost in many nations of the earth i guess the second coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ is @hand Hallelujah repent,

  2. I know this is from 2017 but are you kidding? What do you mean “CAUGHT”? Obama got down on his knees on an Islamic PRAYER MAT on the FRONT LAWN of the White House when he allowed some giant Muslim prayer day. Look it up, press LOVED showing those photos.

  3. When you pray for evil things, evil things happen to you. I wish all of you hypocritical haters who call yourself Christians the best of luck on the last day when you find out that Jesus hates you for what you’ve done in his name.

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