A man who was part of a satanist group in Peru encountered the Lord Jesus Christ when he tried to destroy a church.

According to ChristianToday.com, the man entered the church in Iquitos, Peru with the intention of destroying it. Instead, he encountered the Lord.

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press told Mission Network News that the “man almost ran to the front of the church to give his heart to Jesus.”

“It’s a tremendous testimony to the power of the Word and the faithfulness of those who continue to give it and preach in the face of the enemy,” Williams added.

The area of Peru where this occurred is known for being a hub of a satanist cult. People travel to visit the city and to partake in the so-called “spiritual tourism” there, as well as to sample a dangerous drink called ayahuasca.

Witchcraft and dark magic have long been a part of Iquitos, but that cannot stop the power of Christ.

The church plays a key role in a city filled with so much darkness.

Williams said the church’s mission is to provide help to those who need it. The church is always “opening doors to those who are struggling,” she said.

“That’s what’s worked there, and what works around the world, because people are needy and Christ is the answer for that need,” she added.

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