Please hear me LOUD and CLEAR: There has never been a more exciting time to be a Christian in America. This could be our finest hour!

Movie theaters in the United States will soon be full of Christians across the Country for the ‘Revive Us 2016’ event which holds on Tuesday, October 18, by 8 Pm.

Actor and producer Kirk Cameron is behind the interactive gathering.

As I visit churches across America, moms tell me they are concerned about their children’s future. Dads know the nation is on the wrong track. And they wonder if it’s too late for our country. Are we in the “last days” of our great nation?

Like David running toward Goliath. Or Moses and the Israelites backed against the Red Sea with Pharaoh and his army bearing down on them… just when all hope seems lost, God parts the waters! The giant is defeated!

This could be a “Red Sea” moment for US in OUR STORY in America- when it’s the darkest just before the dawn, and God splits the sea and we go walking right through! IF WE HAVE EYES TO SEE.

I met with the most brilliant, insightful, and faithful friends I have and asked them, “At a time like this, when things seem so dark, what can we do?” Their answers gave me HOPE and filled me with OPTIMISM. They gave me a NEW PERSPECTIVE, REFRESHED MY SPIRIT, and REVIVED MY HEART.

We can’t keep this to ourselves. We need to share it with OUR FAMILY.

We are calling for a NATIONAL FAMILY MEETING. It’s called “REVIVE US.”

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On October 18, in cities across America, we’ll gather for a 2 hour LIVE interactive national family meeting. We’ll worship together, led byPASSION, VERTICAL CHURCH BAND, and my daughter, ISABELLA. We’ll pray together with “MISS CLARA” from the movie, WAR ROOM. And we’ll hear from pastor FRANCIS CHAN, DR. BEN CARSON, pastor JAMES MACDONALD, ERIC METAXAS, and JENNIFER ROTHSCHILD. We’ll also have a live Q&A time, answering your questions from the theaters, and learning how to TRANSFORM this nation from the inside out, and the bottom all the way up to the top!

We know this to be true: when OUR FAMILY gets together–and the Spirit of God is moving–WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

We want YOU to come because you’re part of the family. Get you tickets early! See you at the theater.


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