Protect Churches And Christian Properties, Groups Urge Government


Members of Christian Joint Action Committee take out a rally in Kurnool

Christians taking out a rally in Kurnool on Wednesday.

Leaders of several political parties and Christian Joint Action Committee members rallied to the Kurnool Collectorate on Wednesday urging the State government to take steps to protect churches and Christian properties.

MLC M. Geyanand, former MLA G. Madanagopal, CPI(M) State committee member T. Shadrak, city Congress president S. Buchi Babu, TDP leader H. Babu, YSR Congress Kurnool constituency convener Hafeez Khan, SC leader Maddaiah and Christian JAC chairman Prabhudas led the rally.

Addressing a meeting, they alleged attempts were being made by some leaders to illegally purchase church land and Christian properties. They urged Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu to protect the properties of Christian minorities and warned that he would incur their wrath if he did not respond.

The leaders of the political parties expressed their support and promised to take part in the protests to safeguard the properties from being usurped by influential persons.

They raised slogans against the government and demanded ban on illegal registration of church properties to other individuals.

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