1. This year is going to be a year of thanksgiving for those who believe that God exist (2 Cor. 9:15).

2. This year is the year of the help of God and God will be helping the helpless and giving the church more amplified voice over the activities of the devils.

3. I see a new party being formed because of grievances but the party won’t have a consolidated future.

4. I see the highest form of revival being birthed out of the goodness of God.

5. Although God is saying good things but it will take the love of God to be a beneficiary of the goodness of God.

6. Watch it!  Those who had imagined they can do without God will be terribly humiliated this year.

7. Let us pray against private jet crashing although I don’t know why some pilots should be careless.

8. A very notable and popular man of God will eventually be called home because he has fought a good fight of faith.

9. The Spirit of God is telling me to declare unashamedly that those who are trusting God for babies are receiving their babies this year 2022.

10. Many false altars used by some men of God shall be exposed.

11. Many financial institutions are going to be faced with challenges. GTB should pray well!

12. Beware of get rich quick schemes this year because they are coming back in a repackaged form.

13. The armed forces shall smile greatly because victory is released upon them to silence the forces of darkness.

14. Let’s pray against protests, scarcity and stroke this year.

15. I was taken into the realms of the Spirit to see a state in Nigeria being mapped out by bandits in the month of March to April, 2022 and it will be resisted but we need powerful prayers for it to be averted.

16. Let us not fear, Nigeria as a nation will defeat all her challenges for God is so much interested in our nation, Nigeria.

17. A time is coming where oil exportation will fail but let us start focusing on the agricultural sector and internet exploration.

18. A notable notorious Jezebel shall be exposed in the corridors of power.

19. I will like to advise the government to stay away from fighting the church of God because this is the reason they are not getting it right.

20. I am seeing a flag of a nation being set half way but it is well with the president of that nation.

21. Let us pray for a popular, notable and important actor and actress this year.

The person I am seeing is being neglected and his/her departure will affect the movie industry.

22. I see a lot of major breakthrough and good success for those who give attention to the word of God.

23. There is going to be attack on some particular locations in the northern states but the culprits will be arrested later that will lead to exposure of wicked politicians.

24. Let us pray for Brazil, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Cameroon, South Africa, Chile, Germany, Ghana, Japan, North Korea and Nigeria. They have formed their networks on these mentioned countries, I prophesy they shall fail according to Isaiah. 8:10.

25. The 2023 elections won’t be business as usual because God is preparing His own to protect the interest of His own.

26. I see a lot of great names in emerging in Ministry, Politics, Industries, Commerce and the Educational sector.

27. Let’s pray against fire disasters, snake bite, ship hijacking and boat capsizing, but I foresee the word of God in John 10:10 speaking.

28. I am seeing massive wealth transfer to God’s people this year.

29. I see a great number of Christian centers programmed for attacks.

30. Let’s pray for the aviation sectors against plane crash and runways.

31. I see a lot of people getting visas with ease this year.

32. Nigeria as a nation shall record the highest list of investors this year.

33. Let’s continuously pray for the armed forces because when I spoke of military generals and plane crash it happened but it is well.

Let’s pray for them this year because what I am seeing is not about seeing for playing but for prayers.

34. A great high ranking God’s general will be called home on a particular Thursday of the week and I see his departure blessing the unity of the body of Christ.

35. I see a lot of great men and women of God contacting powerful mantles of God to raise kingdom stars.

36. A particular program being sponsored by the devil will eventually lack funds for its continuation.

37. I see a close relationship with God among God’s people, that is, many people will get close to God this year.

38. A lot of prayer is needed for our Christian brothers and sisters against discouragement.

39. The Anambra State Governor need to pray against being removed by the powers of men of the underworld because I see the conclusion of their evil plan against this innocent professor.

40. A lot of ladies will not survive abortion this year 2022. You rather keep yourself for your God ordained husband.

41. Let us pray against rape cases this year 2022.

42. I see a lot of marital breakthroughs, that is I see a lot of marriages.

43. I see a lot of children deliveries and naming.

44. I see a lot of resurrection of great mantles coming upon God’s people.

45. I see a lot of transference of wealth.

46. I see power of God canceling major air crashes this year.

47. Let’s pray for GTB, Zenith Bank and Access Bank

48. God is raising new weapons of great men and women and also raising generals this year 2022.

49. Let’s pray against any form of protests leading to the destruction of lives and properties.

50. I am seeing a new part.

51. I see a vice president becoming Nigeria’s president and I see peace of God everywhere.

52. I see crypto currency having major problem this year 2022.

53. Mind the investment portfolio you will put your money because there are scammers.

54. Let man of God and woman of God mind God because this generation is depending on God to survive.

55. Let’s pray for men and women of God against any form of scandal.

56. I see outpouring of the Spirit on our spiritual fathers (Prov. 1:23/ Eph. 1:3).

57. There are special Angels deployed to assist everyone who put their trust in God in this year 2022.

58. You won’t eat from the bottom this year 2022.

59. The powerful nations will eventually fail because they are undermining the power of God in the year 2022.

60. The word of God from Isaiah 11:16 is about to happen in the lives of God’s remnant.

61. I see a popular man of God being disgraced out of Calabar because of defilement of young ladies in the year 2022.

62. Your head will be so stronger than your enemies saith the Lord 




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