In his 2018 Prophecies, Prophet Joshua Iginla said  in 2018:

The First Prophetic Word Is For The Church:

  • The Lord Said To Me That The Church In This End Time, Will Possess The Gates Of Their Enemies
  • The Church Will Be More Divided Than Ever Before In 2018, That Pastors Will Attack And Betray One Another
  • An Important Vibrant Pastor, A Dynamic One, Should Pray So He Will Not Be Poisoned, As People Are Trying To Manipulate His Life To Die Untimely

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  • New Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets, Teachers, Apostles, Will Rise Up With Great Powers And Do Great Exploits; This People Have Never Been Heard, Seen On Television Or On Posters; The Lord Said He’s Revealing/unvailing New Armies Because Some Old Prophets Have Failed Him, He Wants To Replace Them With New Ones.
  • Most General Overseers In 2018, Will Be Betrayed By Their Faithfuls.
  • 2018 Is A Year Of Battles.
  • Buhari Will Finally Know His Judas In 2018, They Will Be So Exposed, And He Will Be So Amazed
  • Biafra agitation will come up with new strategies.
  • Donald Trump of USA be prayerful to avert attack from within.

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Watch video of the Full Prophecy below:


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