Pastor John Hagee Tests Positive For COVID-19; Seeks Your Prayers

Pastor John Hagee
Pastor John Hagee

Pastor and author John Hagee has tested positive for COVID-19, according to an announcement made by his son, Pastor Matt Hagee.

During a livestreamed worship service on Sunday, Matt Hagee told those gathered in-person and online that his father was “diligent throughout this entire COVID pandemic to monitor his health.”

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Matt Hagee said that his 80-year-old father tested positive for COVID-19 last Friday, adding that the virus was “discovered very early” and that “his medical team has him under watchful care.”

“He’s feeling well enough to be frustrated with everybody in a white coat and a stethoscope,” he said, getting applause and cheers from the in-person worshipers.

“He wanted me to tell you personally that he covets your prayers and that he asks you to pray for him daily, not only that he make a speedy recovery, but that he looks forward to seeing you again here at Cornerstone very soon.”

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Matt Hagee then called upon the Cornerstone congregation to take time during the service to pray both for his father and for everyone battling the coronavirus.

“As it is a reality in our lives, we also have a promise that we serve a God who is a healer,” he said. “So let’s pray for those individuals today right now.”

In July, the Hagees and Cornerstone Christian Schools successfully filed a lawsuit to be allowed to hold in-person class instruction beginning in August despite a local government restriction.

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“Plaintiffs hold a sincere religious belief and seek to educate, and have their children educated, through the in-person instruction of Plaintiffs’ religious, educational institution to further those sincere beliefs,” argued the lawsuit.

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