Parents Sue School District For Secretly Transitioning Their Daughter

Dan and Jennifer Mead
Dan and Jennifer Mead

Parents in Michigan are suing a public school district over the claim that district employees are transitioning their daughter without their consent, purportedly concealing these efforts in the process.

Dan and Jennifer Mead have sued the Rockford Public School District in Michigan, with the parents telling CBN News the case shows the troubling ways parental rights are sometimes undermined and upended.

“While we were working with the school closely to address [our daughter’s] academic needs in regards to her autism, it came to our attention that the school was actively deceiving and hiding from us the fact that they were transitioning our daughter from being a girl to a boy, using a boy’s name and pronouns,” Dan Mead said in a recent interview.

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The parents said they only became aware of the purportedly covert social transitioning after being given paperwork in which they said a school employee had “inadvertently forgotten to change one of those male names and pronouns.”

Jennifer said she initially assumed it was a mistake and that the name and information pertained to someone else’s child. Upon emailing the school to ask if it was an error, she said she found it odd no one responded.

“We started to kind of dig a little bit more and say, ‘Well, why would they not respond to an email over important information like this?” she said. “So, once we found out what was really happening, clearly I was just in shock [and] disbelief.”

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Dan said he and his wife started to piece together what was happening and were trying to make a plan for how to handle it. Then, they said they found a “very explicit” book in their daughter’s bookbag that purportedly came from the school counselor; he said the book contained a story about a “homosexual boy trying to kind of coerce the boy into a relationship with him.”

They then realized they needed to take action.

“We had a meeting with the school principal,” Dan said. “He said to us, ‘Look, you have to understand this is the school policy. We’re mandated to do this. The desires of the children outweigh those of the parents, and there’s not a whole lot we can do in that regard.’”

Kate Anderson, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, the firm representing the Meads, said such policies have become “very pervasive” in some areas across the U.S., with districts choosing not to tell parents about changes in student pronouns.

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“You have situations where they’re actively hiding that information from parents like they were with the Meads,” Anderson said. “They were actually erasing the male name and male pronouns on documents and replacing it with their daughter’s real name and her female pronouns.”

The attorney said this is a violation of the U.S. Constitution, as parents “have the right to direct the upbringing and education of their kids.” In the end, Anderson said parents know their children best and must be included in major decisions such as these, Faithwire reports.

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