Muslims aided by local officials seize church and all its contents, including furniture, musical instruments, and vehicles, on rumors that the church was a haven for newly baptized Christians

Muslims of the Islamic Defender Front aided by local officials recently shut down a Protestant church in Jatinangor on rumors that the church was a haven for newly baptised Christians.

Rev. Bernard Maukar, head of the Christian community, was also accused of proselytising in a predominantly Muslim area.

The chief of the village where the church is located said he had the right to close it down because it was within his jurisdiction.

“This area is under my authority,” said Arief Saefolah. “Please, get out as soon as possible.”

Saefolah and other local officials seized all Christian property, including furniture, musical instruments, and vehicles.

A Christian woman lamented that the police didn’t lift a finger to stop the vandalism.”Police have no guts against this radical group,” she said.
Muslims shut down Protestant church
Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News, October 11, 2011

3 activists have dialogue with a convert to Christianity, horribly execute him and dump his body in the forest after he “insults” them by refusing to believe in Islam. Police only able to identify him after taking DNA samples

Arrogance apostates who sow blasphemy unleashed a storm. Omega Suparno (42), an ex-Muslim from the city of Jepara carving a trio of fighters died horribly executed after being convicted of insulting Islam provocatively. Although sentenced to death by the laws of Evil, Jepara fearless trio mujahid in Allah’s way.

Apostates fateful villagers Mayong Kidul, Jepara, Central Java Mayong is executed after blasphemy against militants with insulting the Qur’an, Allah, Prophet Muhammad and Islamic law. While the trio of fighters who executed apostates Jepara prospective pastor is Ustadz Mahmud Amir (29), Sony Sudarsono (29), and Agus Suprapto (31).
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The execution of apostates candidate’s pastor began in October 2012, when Ustadz Amir received complaints from various activists in the Holy Evangelists of the Omega Suparno lunge after leave Islam. Once lapsed, the Holy boarding school dropout who had studied at this Yogyakarta IAIN college moved to the Indonesian Baptist Theological College (STBI) Semarang to pursue an obsession became pastor.

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After the data, address and identity Suparno collected, Ustadz Suparno Amir visited the house with the mission to confirm the dialogue and background apostasy, on Tuesday afternoon (11/12/2012).

At first, the usual running dialogue about the introductory course. “Njenengan leres Mas Suparno, Ma’ahid graduates who convert?” Said Amir. (Is it true you named Suparno, alumnus Ma’ahid already converted?). “Inggih, leres,” said Suparno short. (Yeah, right).

But the dialogue agenda planned not as smooth as the original plan. Confirmed good, even Suparno ngelunjak. With provocative, he explained that his faith in Christianity has been established and can not be contested again. That all human beings can only survive in heaven when faith in Jesus as God and savior. Human sin can only be cleaned with a ransom of Jesus’ death on the cross ting, and safety has been guaranteed 100 percent by Jesus.

To reinforce his testimony, Supar-familiar greeting-indulgence statement discrediting the Quran. “Qur’an is no right, wrong all. If here is the Qur’an, I just treading, “he sneered as he demonstrates the feet stomp the floor of his house.

Not satisfied with insulting the Qur’an, Supar target hujatannya continue to Allah SWT. “God was actually right there, God was only held after the Arab nation,” said Amir mimicked Suparno.

When the topic of conversation turned to the prophethood of Muhammad, Supar not mention Muhammad a prophet, because the quality is just level with Kiyai Java. “The Prophet Muhammad was not to be cult, because it is equivalent to a degree prophetic chaplain in Java,” he said.

There is no meeting point, the dialog is terminated when the evening call to prayer rang out. Before parting, they promised to continue the dialogue again the next day.

Dialog also not run a draw, because Supar as host Amir drilled with exposure as the speech. “I’m not much opportunity to talk, because talking Supar not stop-stop,” said Amir told before trial in District Court Jepara, Thursday (20/06/2013).

Muwati (40) Suparno younger brother, confirmed the meeting Suparno dialogue with Ustadz Mahmud Amir day before the incident execution. “Nggih, rumiyen wonten kalih guests, sanjange rencange Ma’ahid teng, but kelasipun sister,” he told, Thursday (06/20/2013). (Yes, there used to be two guests, he said Suparno juniors in Ma’ahid).

But he heard only fleeting and not follow the conversation until the end because there is another matter. “Nopo sing dipermasalahke boten semerap coolies,” he explained. (What are they talking about I do not know).

The next day, Wednesday (12/12/2012) Ustadz Amir with Sony and Agus Suparno executing apostates in the back office for the Holy Jember. After death, the bodies thrown into the teak forests Suparno in Jepara.

Furthermore corpse Suparno plot area 106 Jinggotan teak forest village, sub-district Kembang, Jepara district on Thursday (13/12/2012).

The police can only reveal the identity of the victim a week later, on Wednesday (19/12/2012). After sampling and take-home DNA test, Suparno corpse was taken to the Land of the Evangelical Church of Java (GITJ) Jepara and direct buried that night at a local Christian tomb.

Finally Ustadz Amir, Sony and Agus Central Java Police arrested a special team, Friday (28/12) in Sragen and Holy.

Now, Ustadz Amir Mahmud, Sony Sudarsono, and Agus Suprapto a prisoner in Jepara PN. The first hearing was held with the agenda of charges on Thursday (13/06/2013). All three are threatened with the death penalty, with entrapment coated article, among others: article 340 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 55, paragraph 1 (1), Article 338 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 55, paragraph 1 (1), Article 353 paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 55, paragraph 1 (1) ; Article 351 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 55, paragraph 1 (1).

Although the death penalty threatened in sight, but three young mujahid undaunted. They believe amaliah doing as worship. “Through this amaliah I want to convey a message to the apostates and apostasy activists. Never once disparage Islam. If Islam is insulted, the lives of the fighters ready at stake! “He said.

Jihad Mujahideen Jepara trio received support from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). Patrons Warriors FPI Central Java, Ustadz Said Sungkar, assess their actions are in accordance with the Shari’a texts to sanction the apostates.

“As the obligation of a Muslim, the Prophet said,” Man baddala dinahu faqtuluh “(Whoever swapped religion then kill him). Because in Indonesia does not apply Islamic law, then the sinners than all the Muslims, then they take over the responsibility to save the Muslims who do not run the Shari’a, “he explained. “Indeed, if Islamic law is entitled to determine the effect of the death penalty (the apostate) is qadhi. But because there is no Islamic law, the Shari’a it applies “manistatho’a.” Who can afford to run, it could be, “he added.

Ustadz Said even praised the three courageous heroes who are ready with all the risks. “These are people who dare to take over the burden of trust that should be borne by the state. But because the country treason against Sharia, then they save the Shariah to not make innocent, “he said.

Similarly, the Coordinator of Muslim Lawyers Team (TPM), Achmad Michdan SH confirmed that the incident execution Trio Mujahid Jepara against apostates Suparno was not an ordinary murder case. Because of this execution is a response to the actions of Islamic activists are harassing Suparno provocation apostates of Islam with impunity. Therefore, this case can not be applied Article Murder Plan. “This is not an ordinary murder, because it is very real start of hatred against other religious provocation by the victim by discrediting and vilifying other religions,” he said.

Michdan reminded, in the eyes of the law, religious provocation that has legal consequences. In Islamic law, sanctions against those who harass God and the Prophet is death, and the implementation is assessed worship.”The belief that religion be taught in such a way, and that religious harassment have legal consequences,” he explained. “This case really insult and abuse cases, and in the religious affiliation of the defendants that justify such action taken. In the religious beliefs suspect, this is worship him, “he said. [A ahmad Jundullah]
“Allahu Akbar!!! Trio Mujahid Islamic Blasphemy Jepara Execution Apostate” (archived)
Voice of Al Islam (Indonesian), June 25, 2013.

“Punish her! Kill Rebekka! Hang her!” Women leaves Islam, and Muslim mob demand that the court hang her or “we, the people of Islam, will carry out justice”

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