Evangelist Billy Graham is encouraging parents to teach their kids the stories of the Bible from an early age, highlighting the pivotal importance of the scriptures in developing a healthy relationship with God.

“We live in a world that is growing more and more confused and chaotic, and your children will need strong moral and spiritual foundations,” Graham writes at BG Daily News, advising a Mom who wants to raise her kids in the ways of the Lord.

“Young children may not understand everything about God – but they can understand something, even at a young age. For example, even when children are very young, they know their parents love them – and they can begin to understand that God loves them also,” Graham writers.

“They are beginning to learn right from wrong – and can begin to understand that we sin against God also. And even as they begin to talk with their parents, they can begin to understand that they also can talk with God.”

The Bible, however, should be a central point of any Christian childhood. “One of the most important things you can do to teach them about God, however, is to help them discover the Bible. Your local Christian bookstore or pastor can help you find a Bible storybook designed for children, including pictures and interesting stories from the Bible,” Graham urges.

“Yes, your children need to learn about God – but what about you? God loves you, and He wants each of you to be His children. Ask Christ to come into your lives, and then ask Him to help you point your children to Him also.”

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