Muslim Couple Turn to Jesus After He Appears in Their Dreams, Prophesying Birth Of Their Baby Girl


Testimonies about Jesus Christ appearing in the dreams of Muslims, leading them to follow Him, have been reported time and again, particularly in the Middle East.

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This is another story of a new testimony reported by the US persecution watchdog organization.

Open Doors USA tells of a Muslim husband and wife named Amir and Rasha who both had a vision of Jesus in their dreams, appearing as a “man in white.”

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The two had the dream while inside a refugee camp in Lebanon where they have been staying since 2012 when they fled the chaos and unrest in Homs, their Syrian hometown.

The latest testimony is also remarkable since in her dream, Rasha said Jesus talked to her and told her that she will have a beautiful daughter.

“About three months ago, I was given a vision of Jesus Christ,” Rasha shared. “I was sleeping and all of a sudden I saw Jesus Christ in white. He said ‘I am Christ. You will have a beautiful daughter.’ I was eight months pregnant, and a month later we received our beautiful daughter.”

At about the same time that night her husband also dreamt of the “man in white” who told him, “I am your Saviour. You will follow me.”

After waking up, the couple wasted no time in making a momentous decision. “We decided to follow Him. We named our baby Christina. We left our old Islamic customs,” Rasha said.

The couple said they were filled with hope and joy following their miraculous encounter with Jesus.

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Amir said they decided to follow Christ despite the many risks involved, including their personal safety. The couple now fear for their lives since they live in a predominantly Muslim camp.

“We now have no fixed place to live, we go from place to place,” he said.

“Our family knows we are Christians now. Becoming a Christian is, for them, the same as if I had destroyed the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia,” he added.

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Despite the challenges and uncertainties of life, the couple said they are unshaken in their newfound faith. “The most important thing is that we know Jesus Christ as our Saviour,” Amir said. “He will save us. We regularly pray to the Lord, we freely worship Him, and He protects us. God is with us. God will resolve our situation.”

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