Mum Rejects Gay Son, Refuses To Show Up On His Wedding Day


“I feel about homosexuality that it is not natural — it’s actually condemned in the bible”.

For weeks, viewers have followed Chris and his partner of three years Grant on Australian show Bride & Prejudice as they prepared for their wedding.

The couple had been trying to convince Chris’s devout Jehovah’s Witness mother, Yvonne, and traditional father, Geoff, to attend their special day – but it was not to be.

Yvonne said: “It’s not going to happen, Chris.

“You know I’ve got very strong beliefs. For us, that’s not an option

“I feel about homosexuality that it is not natural — it’s actually condemned in the bible.”

After several attempts to change their minds, Chris’ final effort saw him give his father two airline tickets for his parents to use to come to the Palm Springs wedding if they changed their minds.

After weeks of anguish, Chris and Grant were married in Monday night’s episode — but news of Chris’ parents’ decision just hours before the ceremony left the boys, and viewers, crushed.

Chris’ Aunt Alison told her nephew on the morning of his wedding: “I thought I’d give you the news now so you’ve got time to adjust. They’re not actually coming.”

“Ah, OK,” a heartbroken Chris responded.

“The one person in the world who’s supposed to love you is not going to be there. I wanted us to have some sort of relationship. It just makes me angry.”

While coming to terms with his parents’ absence on his special day, his aunt says his mum has sent a video message explaining the decision.

Watching it on a computer, his mother’s justification didn’t help.

She said: “Hi Chris. It’s just mum talking to you today because dad’s actually found all this a little bit overwhelming.

“Just as you’re hurting, so are we.”

She continued: “It wasn’t until you were about 20, 21, that we came to understand that you were starting to live a homosexual life.

“We tried to stay in your life as much as we could. And I know a lot of people today think they’re outdated and old fashioned.

Chris' mum told her son that she and his father would not be attending his special day
Chris’ mum told her son that she and his father would not be attending his special day

“But they’re something that we value and hold dearly.

“We’re pretty strong on how we feel about the situation and we also know what you want us to be able to give you — which is acceptance of your personal life choices — and Chris, we can’t.

“But now, Chris, you really are about to do something that we find very, very hard to accept.

“I hold marriage very sacred so I can’t give you that acceptance or be part of that part of your life.

“That part of your life is just not compatible with ours.

“But your life is yours to live as you see fit. We want you to know that we do love you.”

Chris struggled to comprehend how his mother could insist that she loves him while not being there.

He said: “My preference would’ve been not to hear from them at all — and them not be there than get a message like that on the day I’m getting married.

Despite the upsetting news that underpinned the day, Chris and Grant married just hours later with the support of his Aunt Alison and Grant’s parents.

Chris added: “I hate to use the word blessed. But I do feel blessed.

“Not everyone gets the opportunity to meet someone and when you do you need to really hold onto them.”

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