Actor and Wrestler Mr. T took to Twitter to remind his fans that there’s two viruses right now, Coronavirus and hate. And he told his fans there’s an antidote for both.

In his tweet Mr. T stated, “We are fighting 2 contagious deadly virus[es]! One is COVID-19 and the other is Hate! We got vaccinations for COVID and the Love of God for all the haters! The vaccine works when it’s injected into our arm! The Love of God works when you invite Him into your Heart!

Mr. T has been using his platform to promote the Bible in addition to his views on what is currently going on. He has also been posting bible verses urging people to trust God as our protector. One such tweet was of Psalm 91:2 which stated, “I will say of the Lord, He is my Refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.. Psalms 91:2.” He then added, “When Fear comes in like a flood, you need the Lord to come in and Lift up a (sic) bolster your Faith! Is there Anybody like me that needs more Faith?

Mr. T became a Christian in 2005 after helping with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. But on “Dancing With The Stars,” Mr. T opened up about how he also relied on God when he had a bout with cancer in 1995, stating “Back in the day, I had money, cars. I had achieved what I wanted to achieve and then everything really stopped. I called on God. I said, ‘God, give me strength to do your will.’ That’s when it really hit me: What’s really real? My faith in God, that was real, because only God could save me.”

Since then, he has been vocal about his faith, telling the Huffington Post in a live interview that God was the reason for his success, stating, “That’s God. When you give, it comes back to you…Why am I here? I’m not lucky. That’s God.

“His testimony to charity, the central principle of Christianity, resonated many times over.”

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