The baby is believed to have been born just a few days short of the standard 40 weeks a pregnancy normally lasts.

A Brazilian man said on Monday that he was shocked to find a tiny, naked and abandoned baby amid tall grass in a poor area of Rio de Janeiro.

Police officers immediately took the tiny, 5.4-pound infant to Maternidade Alexander Fleming Hospital, where the child was put in intensive care, The Daily Mail reported.

Now, authorities are investigating how the baby came to be abandoned in the grassy area near a busy road before being discovered by Alexandre da Silva Dias de Freitas, a worker at a traffic engineering firm.

Alexandre said that, when he approached the area, he at first thought the baby was a doll. Then, when he realized that it was a child, he wondered if the baby was alive, as the it wasn’t moving or making any noise, 9 News reported.

Luckily, he took quick action to save the baby’s life.

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