List Of Places Where People Were Raised From The Dead In The Bible


There are 10 places where people were raised from the dead in the Bible.

This list contains the 10 places where people were raised from the dead in the Bible, the events and the scriptural verses:

  1. Elijah raised the widow’s son (1 Kin 17:17-24).
  2. Elisha raised the Shunammites son (2 Kin 4:18-37).
  3. A dead man came to life when his body was set on the dead bones of Elisha (2 Kin 13:20-21).
  4. Jesus raised a widow’s son (Lk 7:11-15).
  5. Jesus raised the daughter of Jarius (Lk 8:41-42,49-56).
  6. Jesus raised Lazarus (Jn 11:1-46).
  7. Jesus was resurrected (Mt 28)(Mk 16)(Lk 24)(Jn 20-21).
  8. Many dead saints came out of their graves after Jesus’ resurrection (Mt 27:51-53)
  9. Peter raised Tabitha (Dorcas) (Acts 9:36-51).
  10. Paul raised Eutychus (Acts 20:9-12).

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