If You Were To Spend One Day With One Bible Character, Who Would It Be?


If you were To Spend One Day With One Bible Character apart, Who Would It Be and Why?

Perhaps you are given chance to choose one from the old testament times and one from the new testament times, You may give reasons for your choice.

Note : Jesus Exempted.

Let’s see your response on the comment box below!


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  1. I would very happily and very cautiously spend a day with Samuel the prophet because he was committed to the LORD from his birth by his mother and the fruit of his life is an excellent example to everyone who desires to walk with our Righteous King, Redeemer, Saviour and Lord Jesus the Christ. I love the fact that None of his words fell to the ground, and when he was visiting a certain town or village the men of that village sent a messenger to Samuel the Seer trembling to ask him is this a Peaceful visit Seer? 1 Samuel 16 verse 4 the Fear of the LORD was with and or upon Samuel I have a very earnest desire for this in my Life and I will very happily receive it by impartation.

  2. I would spend it with Moses. I really love Moses and all he endured with the faithlessness of the 600,000 men he was leading through the wilderness. Moses set the course that Jesus would follow in his life. Jesus consulted with Moses at the Transfiguration about how to harness the faith of the Jews and get them to believe in him.

  3. Joshua, would love to ask him how it is to walk in the wisdom of God

    Paul, wants to ask him how he did wat he did in that he wasn’t with the savior

  4. I would enjoy spending the day with John (the one whom Jesus loves). He understands Jesus heart. John focused on the most important thing which is to love. To love our Father in heaven and to love each other. Love perfected in us drives out all fear. Fear hinders our understanding and growth in the Lord. Once we have victory over fear we will be like the Church of Philadelphia. Jesus will open a door to us that no man can shut. We will keep his word and not deny him. Everyone will know that he loves us. He will even keep us from the hour of temptation that will come upon the earth. I think I’ll spend as much time as I can today with John by digging in to the writings he left behind.

  5. In the old testament I will choose Deborah and in the new testament I will choose Apostle John the beloved.
    Deborah was a mother all round and also fulfilled divine purpose with her gifts. She was a backbone to men.
    John among the two that always sit at the right and left heart side of Jesus was with the right mindset that he had the heartbite of jesus. No wonder the Revelation of new heaven was given to him. His living was a miracle. He is the only Apostle among the twelve that died natural at a very old age.

  6. I would love to spend my time with Job. I will ask him how he did it, that he was “blameless and upright, fears God and shunned evil”. Irrespective of all the hard times he went through, He still stand firm in faith, still did not speak ill of God. I’m marveled. I pray for such Grace 😢🙏

  7. I would say Paul, cause he was sent from God to the Gentiles, even if his heart was with the Jewish people, but God gave the Jews to Peter. Blessings & peace to all my Christian brothers in Christ specially my Jewish brothers, God commands us to bless them & we are branches from the same vine so we will be blessed also.

  8. In the new testament, I will go with John, who was revolutionary in proclaiming the gospel. His boldness. Steadfast love in Jesus

  9. With JESUS of course. Or His He not a bible charatcer? I think if not Jesus then, His mother Mary so she could tell me all about His childhood and early life.

  10. Daniel:
    His faith in God, character and strength of determination in facing threats of death inspires and challenges me a lot. I would love to learn how he was able to take over the government and make everyone(from heathen kings to subjects of the kingdom) bow to the ONLY true God in a strange land where he was supposed to be a slave. I am very interested in invading the systems of the world with the Kingdom of God.

    His unmatched submission to the kingdom course and heavenly vision he had is absolutely inspiring. His accomplishments raises the bar so high and makes it a lot easier to understand and accept what Jesus meant when He said, ”Greater than these shall you do.” I love Paul and I desire to submit myself in like manner to the Kingdom course as God reveals Himself to me in my assignment.

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