Charles Grandison Finney is best known as an innovative revivalist, The Father of Modern Revivalism. And he paved the way for later mass-evangelists like Dwight L. Moody, Billy Sunday, and Billy Graham.

See The List Of Books By Charles Finney

  • Calling Down Fire: Charles Finney And Revival In Jefferson County, New York, 1800-1840
  • True Christianity
  • Principles Of Union With Christ
  • Power From On High
  • The Spirit Filled Life
  • The Promises Of God
  • The Life Of Charles G. Finney
  • Principles of Prayer
  • Autobiography of Charles G. Finney: The Life Story of Americas Greatest Evangelist In His Own Words

Recommended: Biography and Life of Charles G. Finney, The Father of Modern Revivalism

  • The Believer’s Secret of Spiritual Power
  • Power from on High
  • Finney’s Systematic Theology
  • How to Experience Revival
  • Lectures on Revival
  • Principles of Holiness: Selected Messages on Biblical Holiness
  • Answers to Prayer
  • How They Found Christ: In Their Own Words

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