English Language Dictionaries

Pocket Oxford English Dictionary

Traditional Bible Dictionaries

Compact Bible Dictionaries

Nelson’s Compact Bible Dictionary, eds. Ronald F. Youngblood, F.F. Bruce, R.K. Harrison.

Zondervan Compact Bible Dictionary

The Baker Compact Bible Dictionary, ed. Tremper Longman, III. Also available as an ebook.

Full-Size, One-Volume Dictionaries

The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary, ed. R. K. Harrison

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary, eds. Chad Brand and Eric Mitchell

New Bible Dictionary, eds. I.H. Marshall, A.R. Millard, J.I. Packer & D.J. Wiseman

Multi-Volume Dictionaries

Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible

Anchor Bible Dictionary

multi-volume Bible dictionary was the Anchor Bible Dictionary.

New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible

Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

Word Study Dictionaries

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