Bishop David Oyedepo has authored over 60 Christian, inspirational and motivational books, mini books, magazines and other resources

See some of the publications by Bishop Oyedepo below:

  • All You Need To Have All Your Needs Met
  • Anointing For Exploits
  • Born To Win
  • Breaking Financial Hardship
  • Breaking The Curses Of Life
  • Commanding The Supernatural
  • Emergence Of The Glorious Church
  • Excellency Of Wisdom
  • Exploits In Ministry
  • Exploits Of Faith
  • Fulfilling Your Days
  • Keys To Divine Health
  • Manifestation Of The Spirits Of God

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  • Maximize Destiny
  • Pillars Of Destiny
  • Possessing Your Possession
  • Ruling Your World
  • Satan Get Lost
  • Signs Wonders Today
  • Success Strategies
  • Success Systems
  • The Force Of Freedom
  • The Healing Balm
  • The Miracle Meal
  • The Release Of Power
  • The Unlimited Power Of Faith
  • Towards Excellency In Life And Ministry
  • Towards Mental Exploits
  • Understanding Divine Direction
  • Understanding The Power Of Praise
  • Walking In Dominion
  • Walking In The Miraculous
  • Walking In The Newness Of Life
  • Winning Invisible Battles
  • Winning Prayer
  • You Shall Not Be Barren


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