LGBT Pride Month: Amazon Prime Streams Testimony Of Pulse Survivors Who Now Preach Freedom In Christ

More Than A Victim - The Angel Colon and Luis Ruiz Story
More Than A Victim – The Angel Colon and Luis Ruiz Story

At the launch of what some observe as LGBT pride month in America, the testimony of two Pulse survivors was released on Amazon Prime, titled “More Than A Victim: The Angel Colon and Luis Ruiz Story.”

More Than A Victim” is the exploration of Colon and Ruiz’s survival of the horrific Pulse Nightclub Massacre, the emotional turmoil they endured and the miraculous way God stepped into their lives, brought them freedom from sin and redefined their identity.

Colon and Ruiz are now Christian ministers who run the outreach Fearless Identity in which they help expose others in the LGBT community to the love of Jesus. The Jason Holmes-directed documentary does not bash people over the head with the Gospel message. It testifies of the transformation that took place in both Colon and Ruiz.o

Both young men were present at Pulse Night Club on June 12, 2016, when a gunman opened fire during Latin gay pride night and killed 49 people. Colon was shot several times and Ruiz was trampled resulting in both men being hospitalized. The film recounts their experience and features firsthand testimonies from them as well as former police officer Omar Delgado, who developed PTSD after the trauma, Florida Senator Dennis K. Baxley and others.

Ruiz, a pastor’s kid, said following his experience at Pulse night club, he no longer chases freedom.

“I chase Jesus and He is my freedom and He becomes my God,” Ruiz told The Christain Post on Tuesday.

“For a long time we tried this pray the gay away and we’ve tried all these things to pursue freedom. We’ll put our faith in church and books and resources, and they’re all great. But at the end of the day, they’re not Jesus, they’re not that intimate place where you can be free. Because where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom,” he declared of his newfound identity.

Since leaving his former lifestyle, Ruiz has dedicated his life to ministry. He is looking forward to one day experiencing the true definition of sexual relations when he finds a godly wife.

“I’m now getting to understand the meaning of sex. God created sex. Sex was good. He gave it to us, something from Him. Of course, we’ve perverted it,” he noted. “I never knew sex, I’ve known sin.”

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