Rapper Kanye West is reportedly being sued for $30 million for breaking California employee laws and overworking employees.

Kanye West

According to The Sun, unnamed sources who commented on the lawsuit asserted that West improperly classified his Sunday Service show and Nebuchadnezzar show employees as independent contractors instead of employees due to the type and nature of the work involved. The lawsuit reportedly includes at least 1,000 employees who are suing both West and his companies. It is unknown for sure which employees are suing which one.

According to the unnamed sources, Kanye needed to provide overtime, meal breaks, and rest periods for his employees but failed to do so. The unnamed legal source stated the employees had a “horrible time.”

“Now it’s about proving that Kanye is the employer and the buck stops with him. Now that there’s others coming forward, then the complaint will be amended and be bigger in scope. No one knows how involved Kanye himself was, if he knew what was going on, as it was all so last minute, it was terribly ran. Whether it was mismanagement, accidental, or on purpose, this is a very strong case,” one of the sources added.

Another source argued that Kanye was probably oblivious to what was happening, but asserted that that is not an excuse.

“When you do things last minute, it’s disorganised, mistakes will happen. When Kanye West does a production, he just says to his guys: ‘Make it happen,’ he has different teams of people to do things … I’m pretty sure Kanye West hasn’t done anything about paying a bill in twenty years, he’d expect people to take care of it,” one of the sources said. They also argued that Kanye can’t let the case go to court because it would make it look like the rapper is “ripping off normal folk.”

if Kanye settles, it would be $1 million per each lawsuit, but it will be $30 million if he doesn’t.

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