‘Jesus Save Me!’ – Chinese Christians Shout As Their Church Is Being Demolished


A group of Chinese Christians have sustained injuries whilst trying to protect their Church building from being destroyed by bulldozers in Wangcun village, Northern China. A video of the incident has surfaced, where Church members can be heart shouting “Jesus save me!” as the heavy machinery moves in.

“The security officers and workers left only to discuss countermeasures. I fear that they will come back,” said Shen, parish priest of Wangcun Church. “In April this year, the village committee suddenly said that they have to demolish the old factory and the fencing wall that now belongs to the church,” the priest explained, according to Asia News.  

“We lodged a complaint in April. The local authority set up an investigative team that was meant to negotiate with the diocese, but there was no right of reply about their proposal, and so they straight away tried to demolish it by force,” Shen added.

“If it is demolished, the authority would not give any compensation to the diocese. We surely will not agree,” he said.

Whilst the demolition has been blocked at this time, parishioners are concerned that the efforts will resume at night.

See Video Below:


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