13 civilians in central Mosul met watery deaths after an ISIS court condemned them to die by drowning on charges of collaborating with enemy forces, Iraqi News reported.

Eight other condemned prisoners were executed on the same day in Kirkuk. The report did not specify the execution method used there but said they were also sentenced to die for collaborating with the enemy.

“Daesh (ISIS) today drowned 13 civilians to death inside metal cages in Dawasah, central Mosul, over charges of collaboration with government and Peshmerga forces,” the source said, referring to Kurdistan region’s defence force.

The terrorist group even filmed the execution in Mosul, the source said.

The last time ISIS was reported to have resorted to mass execution by drowning was in October last year, also in Mosul. Nearly 60 people were drowned after the jihadist group suspected them of attempting to organise a rebellion,The Independent reported.

That same month, 58 people were killed following the ISIS discovery of three weapons caches hidden in homes around Mosul, according to Reuters reported, citing numerous sources inside the city.

Earlier this February, 15 civilians, including children, were covered in tar and publicly burnt alive in Kirkuk after ISIS militants caught them while trying to escape from ISIS territory.

While the burning victims cried extreme pain, the ISIS militants warned the people watching the execution that they would face a similar fate if they tried to escape from ISIS.

Last January, ISIS executed a mother and her four children by burning as well. They were also caught trying to flee Kirkuk.

A source said the militants tied up the mother and her children, poured oil on their bodies, and then set them on fire, according to Iraqi News.

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