Iranian Threatens Trump And US In A Cartoon


Coming soon to an Iran theatre: “Battle of the Persian Gulf II.”

The new animated film by an Iranian director depicts an epic battle between the United States and Iran.

In one scene, an Iranian officer launches a missile at a U.S. Navy ship in the Persian Gulf. Seconds later, the vessel explodes into a huge ball of fire and sinks.

The film’s director Farhad Azima told Reuters, “I hope that the film shows Trump how American soldiers will face a humiliating defeat if they attack Iran.”

The movie is another reminder of tensions that are brewing in the region.

Iran has been conducting missile tests, with the country’s Revolutionary Guards successfully launching a naval missile that can be used against targets some 180 miles away – targets that could include US ships.

And another rogue country, North Korea, also continues to test the new administration in Washington.

The communist regime carried out its fifth nuclear test, launching several missiles in recent days.

“The global community needs to understand every country is in danger from the actions of North Korea,” said Nikki Haley, America’s ambassador to the United Nations.

Adding to the peninsula’s political instability, South Korea, a strong U.S. ally and key trading partner, removed its president from power following corruption charges.

Protests have erupted on the streets of Seoul as the country prepares to elect a new leader.

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